May 30, 2013

My YSL lipsticks

My, oh my!!
When I think of YSL lipsticks I think of being on a luxurious yacht sipping 20 year old wine off the coast of a hidden private island somewhere smack dab in the middle of the Pacific, all rolled up on my lips! 
Three in back row 24, 109, 18
four in middle row 112, 3, 19, 2
three in front row 108, 3(shine), 110
square 89,
 twin gloss 2
No seriously, I am not a girl who touches up her lipstick often, but with these lippies you just want to pull it out and show the world the gold heavenly beauty you possess! 

These beauties come in a variety of colors which means there is something for everyone!!! They range from pale nudes to deep berries with gorgeous pinks and corals in between!!!

Their texture is oh so divine, creamy and moisturizing, and glides on like a dream, (one I don't want to wakw from). This is one lipstick you do not need to pair with a gloss, why, because the finish looks like you already have some on. Told you it was divine!!!

Here are lip swatches of the ones I own!


Do you have any lippies from YSL? Which are your favorite! Which are u dying to try?


May 15, 2013

Riri Woo

Ok, so Riri Woo has finally come out! It was available for all of what 40+ minutes and was then completely sold out.

But you feel like a champion because you were one of those who got their hands on it and then u patiently await it arrival.

During this time everybody and their mamas-mama are now complaining about one thing or another.
  It's just like ruby woo!
  It's too dry!
  They changed the formula!!

Get a grip people it's a lipstick, it's not that deep. MAC never said the color was going to be new. It's based on the original and permanent lipstick Ruby Woo. It's a slightly blue-er red! That's all!

If ever I was unhappy with a product before I got it, it was this lipstick. All the hype followed by the gripe annoyed the crap out of me. Needless to say, when it came I never opened it, just threw it in the drawer and moved on with life!

Well, I have finally pulled it out and put it on. 

I am not now not have I ever been a red lipoid kind of girl. Yeah I know, it's said that every woman should have at least one red lipstick. Whatever!!!

My thoughts:
It's very drying. VERY DRYING!!! Make sure lips are exfoliated and moisturizer. I found even wearing a lipgloss over helped a  little bit. But I could not wear it for long. The dryness began to really bother my lips. 

The color is beautiful and I believe will look great on most skin tones. 

What are your thoughts on RIRI WOO?

May 14, 2013

Mac dupes

I get asked so often if I can suggest dupes for some of the products I use. Especially requested are dupes for MAC eyeshadows and lipsticks. 

I always said that the drugstore is your best friend and dupes can be found there in abundance.

Here are some eyeshadow dupes you may already have thanks to the awesome~ness of Wet n Wild!


May 09, 2013

Blue glitter

Who doesn't love GLITTTA!!!! 

Just a fun look to get me going and out the door!!!

 I love the Hobby Lobby Glitter stacks but i don't think they make them or are selling them anymore :-(


May 08, 2013

Easter Sunday

Ok so I know what you're thinking...EASTER SUNDAY!!!! 

I know, I know I am so behind on my posts and didn't realize I hand so many drafts waiting to be shown some love. FORGIVE ME :-)

This was the look I first wore for Easter 2013, and I have worn it a few more times since then!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this a few times! 

It's super simple and easy to do!!

Iced Lilac

A nice spring look. Great for everyday and the pop of color under the lower lashes can be changed to suit your taste.

I dont show what exact products i use because I want you you to use what you have. I get a lot of requests for dupes or inexpensive versions of what I use. So here you can just use colors similar to what you see in the video, or according to my description of the colors!  

Luv you all!


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