April 26, 2012

Sephora +Pantone lipgloss swatches

The Sephora + Pantone Universe lipgloss set showcases the Color of the year in A four-piece set of high-intensity lip glosses in tangerine-inspired shades. (yummy thirst-quenching) :-)

tangerine pink with gold shimmer
tangerine with shimmer
tangerine with gold shimmer

April 25, 2012

Put on your Sundays Best!

This is a look I have been loving, especially for Sundays! It's simple yet colorful enough for me! (you know I love my color) You can make it an evening look by adding more brown or black to the "outer V" (smoking it out). A nude lip or bold (see below) goes great with it!

I was once told I couldn't possibly be the Minister's wife because I was "too pretty" WTB (what the bubbles)!!! Are women of the ministry supposed to look drabby and boring, warts (no offense to anyone who looks like this) but, No sir, No thank you; I will pass on that cup of tea! No we do not have to have full face makeup, or a big ole hat. We have to be ourselves, be the women God has called us to be, not what the CONGREGANTS want us to be!
****END OF RANT****
I wore this look this past Sunday and was presented with many questions/comments, from the young to the old. The young didn't know MW's (minister's wives) could look cool! (yup she said I was a cool one). Then there were the old ones who felt I should be toned down. Now I do respect the old-er one's opinions but....

Any whoo: in the QUAD-Picture I finished the look with Chanel Gloss in "unity" and topped it with NARS gloss in "super orgasm" The bolder lip I use is MAC's "Violetta" Lipstick.


Coastal scents smokey palette
UD naked palette
Loreal cream liner black
Mac groundwork paintpot nc45 concealer
Ruby kisses 3D face creator LvL 11
Mary Kay  tinted moistureizer
Mac prep & prime skin base visage
Mac blush magenta
MAC violetta lipstick

OCC- Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip tars

Let me start off by saying I love these Lip Tars. OMG the are super-ly pigmented & a little goes a LOOONG way! LOL!!

Now you can totally layer on more if you like but trust me, they are potent. 
They have a nice scent to them sort-of mintyness to them. They are smooth and creamy and last a long time. That means i used makeup remover to fully get it off! But it's worth it. I now have a list of the other ones I want! In makeup heaven! Who's with me!!!


Do you have any of these? what are your thoughts on the OCC Lip Tars??

April 17, 2012

Imats Haul!

Here are the goodies I grabbed at IMATS NYC 2012

April My Glam bag

This month's MyGlam bag was a little better than the prior ones! I will actually use most of the items in this bag.
With the exception of the bag itself. I was fairly happy!
Asian Eyelashes and  Dermstore Lip Quench
The Lip Quench is a balm and plumper in one. Or at least it claims to be. I have used it as a balm but I can't say it has plumped my lips...as they are that way naturally. But it gives nice moisture to the lips. Only downer is it is a pain to squeeze out of the tube!
As for the lashes, y'all know where I stand with lashes. I don't use them. Nothing against them...just a preference.
MYGLAM short shader brush & angled liner brush 
Well I always love to get new brushes! I can get past the PINK. They work well and do their jobs! Keepers!
Urban Decay liner in Woodstock
Ok, ok! you got me. I used it as a lip liner/filler under a lipstick. Couldn't bring myself to use it on my eyes. SMH!!! One day, one day!

Opening and 1st thoughts!

Do you have this subscription? How are you enjoying it? Share your thoughts!

April 13, 2012

Nicki Minaj Beez in the Trap Makeup

My attempt at re-creating one of Nicki's (yeah we on a first name basis...didn't you know) look in her video *Beez in the Trap* Video tutorial below (it's long sorry...but that's what happens when i talk thru a tut)

Tangerine Tango

A wearable look using orange and brown! You can omit the orange lips for nude! 

April 10, 2012

My Wet n Wild Lipstick Collection

Ok, Ok, I know you're like "hold up, she's wearing lipsticks!!!" Yeah my lipstick collection has come a long way & grown from the 6 avon lipsticks I showcased in my very first makeup collection video. LOL! I have really been enjoying wearing lipsticks...topped with a gloss of course! (but you knew this). 

Anywhoo, Wet N Wild has really stepped up their game since I used their glosses in JHS & HS. How times have changed. And how I have changed. Not only am I enjoying lipstick but I am wearing pinks & corals. OMG Never would I have ever looked at those colors. But now I see them and I "oooh & aaah", and so does my baby girl if she is with me.  :-) 

Now for those reading and thinking "aren't those cheap" let me correct you, THEY ARE INEXPENSIVE, but their quality is not cheap. Far from it. They feel great on the lips & wear well. Not to mention the great staying power. There is something for everyone! A plethora of colors to choose from. Some of these are even great dupes for a few MAC lippies. (yeah I said it ....and what!!!!)

with flash
without flash
P.S. # 919B is a PERFECT dupe for MAC's Smoked Purple!!
You can grab these beauties and others in the collection at your local Drugstore! Do you have any of these? What do you think of them?

Mac goodiez

Some recent goodies from MAC. Not all at one time of course! The lipstick are great. I don't know what it is, but you diamonds know that I am a lipgloss girly, yet...I have not one gloss or glass(as they call it) from MAC. I only think of lipsticks from them. Not sure why??? I have tried to pick one up in the store, but i always end up changing it for a lipstick or eyeshadow. 

Blush Magenta / Extra dimension e/s Havana
Tendertone Tread GentlyLipsticks: Gotta dash /  Heroine  

      Blossom culture /
 Up the amp            
Up the Amp
Blossom CUlture
Gotta Dash
Blush: Magenta
Extra Dimension: Havana
Evening Aura
Tread Gently


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