July 31, 2010

Jesse's Girl Eye Dusts

A month ago a friend was wearing this awesome lip-gloss and of course I had to have it; that was until she said it was from Duane Reade. I immediately thought of all those cosmetic brands that have the commercials, of which I have tried their products and did not like. I cringed but needless to say she bought me the gloss and I loved it.

This sent me on a drugstore makeup hunt so I can recommend pocket friendly products to all my make-up chics.

I walked into my local Rite Aid and saw this make-up display and the name alone caught my attention “Jesse’s Girl”. It’s so cute and has such a ring to it that, you feel like it’s calling your name to come and check it out. So I did. I immediately fell in love with the colors packaging, & price. My favorite product are the Eye Dusts. The pigmentations are awesome and can work if you layer them on your eyes for a great POP or leave them light and simple. I have to say, my beloveds are “sunlit cactus” and “ultra violet”. I enjoy the fact that you can see two colors when worn. It keeps people guessing which color I am actually wearing. The only problem I have is a little fall out, but otherwise, the Eye Dusts are great.

They definitely sparkle and shine, and different lighting gives a slightly different color.

Ultra violet,Sparkle Red, Sunlit Cactus, Mardi Gras

same colors different lighting

If you are a makeup beginner or you just like unique colors to work with, Jesse’s Girl eye dusts are the way to go. Great on the eyes, perfect on the pocket!

The price is great as well, very pocket friendly. Check their web site http://www.jessesgirlcosmetics.com/ for a full line of products. Rite Aid has a limited selection, and I haven’t seen them anywhere else.


July 23, 2010


It is not rocket science to teach your child. You do not need any fancy degree to qualify for the position of “educator” in your child’s life. What you do need is a little patience and a lot of love. Think about it, at the end of the week, you will not receive a check for the hours you put in. You won’t get the standard holidays off. But the outcome, the fruit of your labor is priceless. And best of all the only children you will deal with are your own.

I chose, and I use the words “I chose” loosely because it was a decision that my husband and I made together; so we chose to homeschool our children because we wanted to give them the best education possible. And no, just because the tuition at your child’s school is absurdly high, it does not mean they are being well educated. We wanted to make sure that our children were taught what they needed to learn and at the same time could comprehend what they were learning. We sought to give them the undivided attention that every child needs in all subjects. Each child learns differently and we wanted our kids to learn in an atmosphere that was conducive for each of their different styles of learning.

Homeschooling is simple, as long as you do your homework. You need to make sure you know your state’s laws and requirements. It is recommended to join HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association), they are there to assist you with any legal problems you may run into in regards to your homeschooling your child. Their website is www.HSLDA.org here you can also find information on your state’s rules and regulations.

You are required to submit a “letter of intent”. In this letter you are simply stating that you plan to home school your child for the upcoming school year. Be as vague as possible. Simply state your name, child’s name and D.O.B. and the grade they will be entering in. You will mail this letter to your State’s Department of Education Homeschooling division. There is usually a head person that you specifically mail it to. This should be mailed Priority, with a return receipt. (If you desire the info for NY, send me a message and I will gladly pass it to you)

They in return they will mail you a manila envelope full of goodies which includes your IHIP, quarterly reports, and metrocard application as well as the laws and regulations.

You will fill out and mail your IHIP (Individual Homeschooling Instruction Plan) listing the texts and/or resources you plan to use for each subject for each child. In the same envelope you can place the metrocard application for both Fall and Spring semesters. Again this should be mailed priority! Make sure to photocopy everything!

The required # of hours for “supervised instruction” is 255+. 

Make sure to mail out your quarterly reports on time!!

As for curriculum, hmmm, this is totally up to you, but here are the companies I use.

I am what is considered in the homeschooling circles as “various” because I don’t stick to one company, but I use something from many.

http://www.abeka.com/   http://www.sonlight.com/

Susan Wise Bauer / Jessie Wise (mother and daughter) History, Writing and Grammar. Their products can be purchased at http://www.amazon.com/  http://www.overstock.com/  http://www.ebay.com/

Your local library and museums are great.
The internet is a wonderful resource as well, tons of printable pages for all grades, as well as activities and lessons tha students can do online.

Luv you all and hope this gives you a good direction to begin in.

July 20, 2010

My Make up / Cosmetics must haves for Summer2010

In no particular order

Lip Balm: I hate dry lips so in a nutshell… MOISTURIZE. I use the M.A.C Lip Conditioner with SPF 15, especially in the summer. Yes you can get sunburn on your lips. And I use the Sephora lip balm. But last I checked it was discontinued.

Lip Gloss: I prefer gloss over lipstick, I like matte on my eyes not lips. Here I am a woman of variety. I use AVON, NYX, LA SPLASH, & SMASHBOX.

Eyeliner: it can make or break a look. I wear it with shadow or without. Pick the right color to make your eyes pop! Again I like and have a big variety but my favorite brands are NYX and Sephora. They are creamy, glide on nicely, and blend well. As for Jumbo pencils… it is NYX all the way.

Brushes: for face & eyes, yup you guessed it, Variety. I use Eco Tools, Coastal Scents, AVON and Mark by AVON.

Eye primer: urban decay GREAT PRODUCT

Face PRIMER: M.A.C Prep & prime

Eye Shadow: I can’t even think where to begin with this. My current favorites are the “Summer of Love” palette by Urban Decay, and Eye Dusts by Jesse’s Girl. And of course, Coastal Scents 88 color pallets.

Make up remover wipes: AVON. Works the best, and no need to rinse…lol

Sites to purchase products


July 09, 2010

message to the Bride

It is Friday morning and I and eagerly awaiting Saturday. Not to get done with this extra long week but to FINALLY celebrate the marriage of a dear sister. As I can already hear the minister announces “I present to you for the first time ANYWHERE Mr. & Mrs. Keith & Zushanna Turner”, I can’t help but want to pour a few more words into her heart. What would I say?


Zushanna, as you begin your new stage of life and womanhood keep these simple rules in mind:

First: Continue to nurture you relationship with your Heavenly Father. Pray, seek his face; make him the center of your marriage and life. Pray with and for your husband. And just when you think you have prayed enough, pray some more.

Second: Minister to your husband. “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord” Keith has found a great thing and the favor of God rests upon him. Let him know that “you got his back”. Continue to make him smile and laugh. Bless him with your words and actions and most importantly, your love. But make sure to let him wear the pants and you continue to rock the pretty skirts and dresses. When he falls…and he will, lol, be the one to pick him up, and encourage him to continue on, knowing that you are by his side. Don’t belittle him or dog him out with others.

Third: Care for your children. When the Lord blesses you with children, I have no doubt that you would be a great mom. Remember to train them up in the way of our Lord. They will watch your every move, unfortunately a little more than your words. But never-the-less pray over them. And pray for them even now.

Fourth: Care for your home. It is to be a place filled with peace, love and comfort; especially after a hard day on the job. Ask God to change your outlook on your home from running it to loving it.

Last but absolutely not least: Take care of yourself. Exercise and nourish your mind and body and spirit. Pick up a hobby that is solely for you, that makes you happy. Continue to be the loving sweet Zu that we all know and love.


July 05, 2010

WHat do you want to know?

I am sitting here starting this blog and wondering "what do I have to say" SO ..I decided to start by telling alittle about my self.
I am a Christian WOman,  I believe In Jesus Christ  He is my LORD & SAVIOUR HE  died that I may live.
I am a wife to a Wonderful, Wonderful man. He completes me, Balanaces me, Loves me, finishes my thoughts and sentences. He was created solely for me. AAAHhhh yes i am in love.
I am a mother to four wonderful children. They are my world, what more can i say. Hearing "MOMMIE" brings the blossoming of another rose in the garden of my heart.
I am a friend, a sister, a daughter, a niece, an aunt, a cousin, A WOMAN
I am an AVON representative here to serve you and your makeup needs (although AVON sells more than just makeup) check out my site www.youravon.com/achaparro
I am a Twitter bug and a FaceBooker.
I love Life

Feel free to comment and ask any questions here or via email. I will answer all as soon as possible. Muahs


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